#Local Government
Residents of the London Borough of Enfield
United Kingdom

Every year since they were elected in 2002, the Conservative Administration in Enfield has increased Council Tax and most of the additional monies raised has been used to increase the Council reserves and balances instead of being spent on improving services. The result is that at 31 March 2008 the Council's reserves and balances were at a record 69 million pounds, which is the equivalent of 660 pounds for every Council Taxpayer in the Borough.

The Enfield Labour Group has been arguing for several years that there should be a Council tax freeze and more spending on Council services. On 25th February the Conservative Administration will propose their budget for 2009/10, which will include a further tax rise and Labour will move an amendment that will propose a freeze in Council Tax and increased spending on some priority areas including help to local businesses, more facilities for the young and the elderly, and better support for the voluntary sector.

If you agree that level of the Council Tax in Enfield should be frozen sign up to this petition!

We the undersigned note that Enfield Council had reserves and balances amounting to over 600 pounds for every Council Taxpayer in the Borough.

We call on Enfield Council at its meeting on 25th February to agree to freeze the level of Council Tax for the next 2 years so that it remains at the same level as set for 2008/9.

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