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The BBC have pulled out of negotiations to renew the contract to continue showing Neighbours.


Freemantle wanted £300 million for 8 years.

So now the show will be shown on ITV or Five.

Please help make Freemantle listen to our views.

'Greedy' Freemantle,

We, the undersigned, call on you to listen to the fans.

You have removed the one good show that 7 million people in the UK and abroad watch.

We in the UK have kept the show going with its popularity. The BBC were the ones who financially kept the show going.

People around Europe and the world WHO CAN ONLY GET THE BBC have no choice but to stop watching Neighbours because THEY CANNOT GET ITV OR FIVE.

After 22 years of no adverts you have ruined Neighbours by moving it to an advert channel.

So we thank you.

We thank you for your greediness.

We thank you for your shocking inability to remain loyal to the channel that has done so much for Neighbours.

We thank you for not listening TO THE FANS. You know, the ones who watch Neighbours.

We thank you for axing neighbours because that is what you have done. Neighbours will no longer get the viewers (7million) and will go into oblivion.

We thank you for not knowing that under 600,000 people watch Home and Away on Five (per week) and that ITV get less viewers in the afternoon then The BBC.

But most important of all we thank you for your absolute disgraceful, Shylock, pathetic, inconsiderate no good attitude in destoying Neighbours.

£300 million for 8 years? Try 3 pieces of silver for a handshake.

Thank You.

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