Brisbane City Council

Any road, which has an increase in traffic volumes, which is not a secondary or primary arterial road, is to be upgraded to secondary arterial road status as soon as practicable.

All impediments to free flow of traffic movement are to be removed as soon as reasonable and the road widened as far as the topography allows.

Traffic growth is to be seen as an indicator that the road needs an upgrade and opening up to allow free flow of traffic.

The rights of the motorists and the number of motorists who are taxpayers are to be considered in any forum, which presents itself as championing itself as being for impeding traffic flow.

That the normal growth of the city be considered necessary and supporting that growth is freedom to use roads lawfully and reasonably is a right of all motoring public.

We the undersigned ask that roads be kept open and widened where necessary to improve traffic flow in Brisbane.

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The Freedom Roads: Improve traffic flow in Brisbane petition to Brisbane City Council was written by Gerry Edwards and is in the category Cars at GoPetition.