#Human Rights
Government of Bahrain , UK, USA, UN, UNESCO

On 29th March 2011 2.30 am group of 40 masked men stormed house of Mrs Jaleela Al Salman, deputy president of Bahrain teachers society, a mother of 3 arresting her at gun point in front of her kids breaking all doors in their way, her kids rooms was stormed as well, kids still suffering from this & scared and cry at night as they recall masked men stormed in their rooms holding, quote "big weapons" for her alleged role in coordinating a teachers strike in Bahrain, for 2 months none heard anything about her whereabouts, or what were her charges.

Now it’s known regime of Bahrain is accusing her for so many fake charges in revenge, for her doing her work defending teachers & students right. It’s known that she had been exposed to numerous acts of ill-treatment & torture.

We the undersigned call on the Bahrain regime to release Mrs Jaleela Al Salman Immediately, US & UK governments to exercise pressure on their allay Bahrain regime, UN and UNESCO to help in defending teachers.

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