#Animal Rights
Slaughter Groups, Farmers, and Meat-Eaters Around The World

There are many horrors to the slaughter industry and factory farms. Each filled with disease, blood, and most of all PAIN.

Chicken Farms=
Ammonia, chickens unable to walk, smells horrible, farmers beat animals to death if weak, health problems are no issue, beaks cut off without painkillers by hto blade

Beef Farms=
All is well until slaughter, or on feedlots where they are in muddy conditions, go lame, vets barely scan over them, horns cut off/branded/castrated (rip them off) without painkillers

Dairy Farms=
Mothers are force bred, babies taken away after 24 hours or less, male calves go to horrid veal crates, females in boxed houses not able to move waiting to replace mothers, udder infections occur and they are not cleaned properly, milk containing pus, blood, scabs, infection

Pig Farms=
Sows in crates cannot move, abused by workers, stomachs stepped on, beat with poles or bricks dropped on, castrated/tails removed/teeth cut without painkillers

These horrible conditions do not end, as they can be slaughtered and go through very painful things while still alive in these meat factories. Abuse doesn't end there, while lame animals can be left to die or killed. If they are already dead, they end up in DOG and CAT FOOD.

This is a petition not to force people into anything, but to show many people care about animals. That people should adopt an animal-friendly lifestlye and also to convince all those large companies, and farms, and slaughter houses to END THE SUFFERING, END THE CRUELTY


All of us signing this petition in some way do not eat meat. Whether it is just an occasion, vegetarian, or all out vegan. But we come together and would like to draw attention to the horrors of slaughter and factory farming. WE are against the cruelty and would like to end the pain and suffering of helpless animals on farm.

We agree about the animals:
They are wonderful
They can think
They deserve respect
They are our equals
They are companions
They are protectors

But we can give them voices.

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