#Animal Rights
Sri Lanka

The elephants of sri lanka are currently under threat by the human-elephant conflict which is resulting in the death of these gentle giants in large numbers. Deforestation and breaking down important elephant corridors are resulting in the decline of the number of elephants in Sri Lanka. This petition has been created to help save these creatures and also help rebuild the forests of Sri Lanka, which have been broken down, all in the name of development and infrastructure.

We call on all animal rights activists to help save the lives of the animals in Sri Lanka. Elephants are dying on a daily basis due to human-elephant conflict, and this is due to people moving in to elephant territories, cultivating crops in their land, and also breaking down vital elephant corridors in order to build new roads and improve infrastructure. Why can't we coexist rather than create more conflict? In order to fulfil man's greed of improving infrastructure, we are destroying mother earth by ruining forests and killing elephants. These are majestic gentle giants that need to roam the earth in peace, rather than be killed and have their tusks removed, or be chained up in the zoo, or to be used as chariots in temples and religious functions. Let us join hands and tackle this situation together. These animals need our voices now than ever before!

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