#Animal Rights
Guelph Civic Museum

The Guelph Civic Museum is a place for people of all ages to go explore, learn and even create. On the second floor there is a room for children which is a fabulous space full of hands on learning activities as well as numerous stations where kids can learn and play while getting creative with their imagination.

Unfortunately, in the same room there are two tanks filled with lives held in captivity. There is a snake tank as well as a fish tank. These animals are confined for entertainment and educational purposes. These lives spend their days hidden under rocks or swimming in circles while children often bang on the glass creating an even more stressful environment. This is not right and these animals must be rescued by a reputable sanctuary. Just above these exhibits are videos of real birds instead of caged birds and there are only pictures of dinosaurs in the dinosaur exhibit- there is ZERO need for these innocent lives to be held captive against their will. If children are interested in seeing fish and snakes in their natural environment, Guelph has some beautiful rivers, streams, lakes and trails to do just that.

Having trapped lives does not make for a better learning experience but in fact it teaches the future generation that not all lives deserve love, freedom and respect and this is simply not true. The greatest lesson we can teach others, especially children, is that every being is equally deserving of love, freedom and respect - to treat others as one would like to be treated.

We, the undersigned, call on the Guelph Civic Museum to move the captive animals to a reputable sanctuary where they can live out the rest of their lives in freedom and peace.

"Don't be captivated by captivity."

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