French government

Rose Kabuye one of our heroes & warrior was arrested & detained at Frankfurt airport after a French judge had issued a European arrest warrant on the 9th-11-08.

We suspect that this arrest is connected to allegations of shooting down a presidential plane in 1994.

Rose Kabuye is now so obviously a victim of a witch hunt sparked up by the FRENCH.

Rwanda’s genocide survivors and supporters have been left shocked and dismayed by the acts and support for comrade Rose Kabuye has been felt all over the world. Many Rwandans see the action of France as another war on Rwandans.

Upon signing this petition you are strengthening this effort in gaining true rights, and strengthening the freedom of a world wide community. This Petition will be presented to the French Embassies around the world as a sign of the world communities’ intolerance for INJUSTICE.

Please sign and invite all of your friends to the same...

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