Governor Crist, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum,and all Florida State Representatives
United States of America

Randy is serving 25 mandatory minimum drug sentences for trafficking drugs in Pasco County Florida. Randy was only 24 years old at the time of his arrest.

He now will be spending life in prison till he is 51 years old. Randy made a mistake at the age of 24 to support his own drug addiction. People don't choose to destroy their families, careers and their love relationships. They have an addiction and they need help, locking our young men up till they are in their 50 is not the answer. Taking away their dreams of ever having a home, wife and ever becoming a productive adult is not the answer.

This is Randy's first time ever being arrested for drugs and the first time ever being in prison. Randy needed help with his addiction and Pasco County Florida failed him, they took his life from him instead of giving him the help he needed. The sad part about this is: Pasco County picks and chooses who they are going to give the mandatory sentencing to and our government is letting this happen.

Our Government is always worrying about what is happening to the people all around the world. How about them starting to worry about the poor white man who’s addicted to drugs and needs help. I think its time our government officials start looking in to our own back yards and worrying about us.

Randy needs treatment not prison. Please help us help Randy.

We, the undersigned, call on our government to step in and look at what is happening in Pasco County Florida where they pick and choose who gets the 25 year prison term while others don't for the same crime.

First time drug offenders deserve treatment not prison. We are demanding you get Randall Fite Treatment for addiction and spare him from living his life in prison.

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