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Political prisoner Dr. Assadollah Assadi in grave danger in 10th day of hunger strike
Dr. Assadollah Assadi, a political prisoner in Evin is in grave danger due to continuing his hunger strike in protest of his situation.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), This political activist is in hunger strike from Friday, November 16, 2012 in protest of his medical leave rejection by prison's authorities.

Political prisoner Dr. Assadollah Assadi’s attempted suicide two times, once on Sunday March 11, 2012 failed due to prompt action by his cellmates in Ward 350 of Evin prison.

Dr. Assadollah Assadi Daghdegan who has been incarcerated in limbo for more than twenty months, attempted to commit suicide on Sunday March 11, but the quick reaction by his cellmates saved the life of this 49 year old physician.

Dr. Assadi was arrested in Tabriz on July 12, 2010 and was incarcerated in solitary confinement for five months in Tabriz prison.

Dr. Assadi who is accused of cooperation with enemy states, was incarcerated in Evin’s Wards 240 and 209 in solitary confinement after he was transferred to Evin prison from Tabriz.

While in Tabriz prison, he sustained injuries under torture during more than 180 sessions of interrogations.

Dr. Assadi sustained injuries to his kidneys & urinary tract from being kicked in the abdomen and head, and has vision problems from being in dark solitary cells for long periods of time.

During interrogations, he was threatened with execution, with being thrown in the open sewage line, being buried alive, his head pushed into a dirty toilet bowl…. all of which has caused him to go into severe depression.

Dr. Assadi’s being forced to stand for 5 days and nights without even being able to lean against a wall is one of the torture methods which has caused severe mental and physical problems for him.

Dr. Assadi has so far been summoned to Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, presided over by Judge Salavati, five times to force him to accept in court the confessions he gave under torture.

He has refused to do so and the court has not been able to convict him due to lack of evidence in his case.

Dr. Assadi has passed multiple polygraph tests (lie detector) with results that can not be used to confirm charges on his indictment.

He has severe vision problems, is almost blind in both eyes, and suffers from a bleeding ulcer.

Not being able to withstand all the pressures of incarcerations, Dr. Assadi attempted suicide by taking 20 tablets of 2 milligram lorazepam and slashing his radial artery but fortunately was saved by the quick reaction of his cellmates.

Keeping political prisoners in a limbo status for long periods of time was also cited in UN Human Rights Commissioner Ahmed Shahid’s report, which is rejected by the Iranian Judiciary officials.

Dr. Assadi’s case is one among 12 political prisoner cases that are in limbo status in Ward 350 of Evin prison.

On February 5, 2012, Dr. Assadi was taken to the secret detention center under the control of security forces in Tehran and was interrogated under severe mental pressure repeatedly. He was also put under more polygraph tests. He was returned to Evin Prison Ward 350 after 11 days in the secret detention center.

He was taken to the secret detention center under the pretense of being taken to court. Neither his family, his cellmates, or Evin prison authorities were informed of his transfer to the secret detention center.

دکتر اسدالله اسدی در روز 23 تیرماه سال 89 توسط نیروهای امنیتی در تبریز دستگیر می شود. این فعال ملی به مدت 6 ماه در اداره اطلاعات تبریز به شدت تحت شکنجه قرار می گیرد تا به اتهامات واهی مطرح شده بر علیه خود اعتراف کند. پس از 6 ماه بازداشت موقت دکتر اسدالله اسدی از طرف بازپرس هاشم زاده به تبلیغ علیه نظام و اقدام علیه امنیت ملی کشور متهم می شود.

بنا به گزارشها از تبریز پس از مراجعات مکرر خانواده این فعال ملی به دادگاه در طی این شش ماه و قول مساعد بازپرس هاشم زاده مبنی بر آزادی موقت ایشان، در آخرین مراجعه به دفتر بازپرس هاشم زاده به آنان اطلاع داده می شود که دکتر اسدی برای تکمیل تحقیقات در اختیار اداره کل اطلاعات مرکزی ایران قرار گرفته است.

وی در شعبه 15 دادگاه تهران توسط بازپرس بیگی مورد بازجویی قرار می گیرد. اولین جلسه دادگاه این فعال ملی برای رسیدگی به اتهامات در تاریخ 22/3/90 بدون حضور وکیل برگزار شد. در این جلسه دکتر اسدی به دفاع از خود پرداخت و ضمن رد تمامی اتهامات وارده علیه خود از شکنجه مامواران اداره اطلاعات و تهدید خانواده خود توسط عوامل امنیتی پرده برداشت.

قرار است تا جلسه دوم دادگاه دکتر اسدی در تاریخ 17/5/90 برگزار شود. دکتر اسدی با توجه به مدت طولانی بازداشت، شکنجه های شدید عوامل اطلاعات و همچنین تهدید خانواده از طرف نهادهای امنیتی در وضعیت مناسب جسمی و روحی قرار ندارد و در اثر این فشارهای روحی و روانی یک بار اقدام به خودکشی کرده است.

We the undersigned demand the immediate and unconditional release of Political Prisoner Dr. Assadollah Assadi!

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