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Archaeological of ancient Iran's properties waiting a court order to be sold for the benefit of Israelis. We are starting a legal action to direct the court order for the benefit of Iranian people and reposses the ancient Iran's properties hidden so far from the public.

آثار باستانی ايران در انتظار رای دادگاه برای فروش بنفع اسرائيل ما رای دادگاه را برای مالکيت مردم ايران به اين آثار تقاضا خواهيم کرد
خواهشمند است توجه کنيد که تبليغات در اطراف و در زير اين پتيشن از جمله تبليغات اسرائيلی مربوط به کمپانی گوپتيشن بوده وبما ربطی ندارد

We would like to inform the people of the world of the danger that the unique and unmatchable archaeological and cultural ancient tablets of the Persia to be sold to private profiteering to captured by the Israelis for the ridiculous claims of them that they want to claim them for the so called terrorist action for unrelated terrorist group called Hamas.

Such conspiracy outrages claim is highly unbearable for the people of the world. We have decided to gather a petition to be signed by all the conscious people of the world to get involved and start by signing such petition and start an action to expose such unbearable crime against the culture of humanities. For further information research the court case at Persepolis fortification archive project on Google.

Please watch the video and if you care about this sign the petition.

For centuries ancient Iran's archaeological art works have been in the hand of none Iranian people and we find out recently that many of these art works have been hidden from the public and they are to be sold for the benefit of Israelis.

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