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Northampton Magistrates Court
United Kingdom

Kerry Hanna has been sentenced to eight weeks imprisonment for benefit fraud. Everyone recognises this is a criminal offence but we feel she has been made an example of and this is an unfair justice.

She has three young children to take care of and due to this ridiculous sentence her partner has now had to stop working to take care of their children himself but still expected to repay the £18,000.00 back.

We petition her out of prison as everyone will agree life without her in it, even if a short while is just not as fullfilling, she is the kindest, sweetest and warm hearted person anyone would have the pleasure of meeting and although her mistake she is a great contribute to the community. She Is a fantastic role model to all mothers in daventry and everyone that knows her.

She will be sadly missed as a teaching assistant too and we feel losing her teaching assistant position and being publically humiliated is pay back enough for her to deal with.

We petition to the Northampton Magistrates Court to release Kerry Hanna from prison.

She may have done wrong but does not deserve to be made an example of in such a disgraceful way.

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