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My name is Michael flinner. I am a 40 year old Jewish (of birth), man from San Diego, California. I am writing to you, from the empty confines, of Death Row, here at San Quentin State Prison. At 13, i was effectively bar mitzvah`d, and have practised Judaism all my life!

Earlier this year, i wrote to U.S citizenship and immigration services, at the U.S Department of homeland security, in an effort to acquaint myself, with the laws, associated with renouncing my U.S citizenship.

I June 07, i received a letter from a girl from the aforementioned office, who advices that i must adhere to section 349(a) (5), of the immigration and nationality act (INA), which provides for the loss of nationality, voluntarily!

My intent to relinguish, my U.S citizenship stems from personal plans, and a hope for a better life, in the land of my ancestors.

As a jew by birth, i am interested in the law of return, and making an application for Aliyah. Yes, i understand the obstacles which seem to present themselves, as i`m currently condemned to execution. The elements of renunciation however, appear fairly straightforward, and accomplishable. They`re clearly not out of reach!!

A person wishing to renounce his or her U.S citizenship, must voluntarily and without intent to reliquish U.S citizenship:

1. Appear in person before a U.S consular or diplomatic officer.

2. In a foreign country (normally at a U.S Embassy or consulate), and

3. Sign an oath of renunciation.

So here`s my point--indulge me!!! It would be quite easy to meet with a U.S consular, or dimplomatic officer and sign an oath of renunciation. The snafu is getting to the consulate or U.S embassy, which i am sure you`re aware, constitutes foreign soil.

One cannot question, my inherent right of return, with Aliyah as an American Jew. And i, have very little doubt that Israel would turn me away under these circumstances. My life is literally, in the hands of " The Americans".

I am interested in retaining you to help me successfully make this application to the U.S state department. Once complete, it will only be a matter of time before, this state will be forced to do something with me, that potentially, could give rise to some new laws or legislation. Regarding, non American citizens being confined in this country, indefinately, or executed!!!!

Currently, you might be aware of the pending conditions, with California`s prison system, accomodating transfer into federal custody for inmates, whom are not U.S citizens. This is the state of what would potentially be my ultimate transfer to ISRAEL with a parole date. I must do this before it is too late!!!!

I am cautiously optimistic that you will be able to assist me in the aforementioned effort. I can meet fees for said and hereby welcome your reply, in the days ahead.

Thank you for your time, and consideration in this matter!! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

My best to you.


SQSP V-30064

Michael is an innocent man and would ask you to please appeal to get him out of the hell of death row, and get his conviction overturned.

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