#Human Rights
Prosecutor of Tehran - President Rohani of IRI - ONU - Unesco

Mahnaz Mohammadi dedicated her life to help giving women in Iran a voice. She has tirelessly protested against injustices. She never even considered this particularly heroic - "what else can I do?" she said. Now she's paying a very high price for her peaceful human rights advocacy, with 5 years of jail in Evin Prison as a political prisonner.

Let's lend her our voice now, where hers cannot be heard and demand: Freedom for Mahnaz Mohammadi!

Mahnaz Mohammadi, iranian filmmaker & women's rights activist is jailed for 5 years. Why? Because she's a woman, an artist, a documentarist who talks about the situation of women in Iran.

By this petition, we're asking for her freedom. We want all the charges against her to be dropped.

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