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Whales and Dolphins Conservation Fund

June 19, 2006

On August 9, 1970, a truly magnificent animal was travelling through her home waters of Puget Sound with her mother, along with the rest of her family. Enjoying the life of a young orca, she was brutally ripped away from her family and homeland to entertain us ungrateful, unknowing humans.

The suffering they caused her, the pain, the freedom she so desperately needs and deserves so much. This is the story of Tokitae, or Lolita as her captives named her.

The capture was vicious, barbaric and merciless. A total of 96 orcas were cornered and driven into a cove at Whidbey Island, by SeaWorld employees. Tokitae was among them. She was one of seven orcas selected for capture, merely six years old at the time. Still with her mother, still wild and free.

Five orcas drowned during the capture, including four babies and a young mother. SeaWorld staff proceeded to carve open their corpses and load them with anchors, chains, rocks - anything to keep them floating at the bottom of the ocean and prevent them from rising to the surface - can you imagine orca corpses floating around at the bottom of the sea - dead and rotting?

They were screaming to the rest of their family to help them - calling out for all they were worth, scared witless and being driven towards a terrible, uncertain future. The seven orcas were sold to sea aquariums around the world - Tokitae, along with another young male ended up in one of the worst - Miami Sea aquarium, where she spends her days swimming round and round one of the oldest and most absurdly small tanks.

Performing the same old show day in day out, over and over again, performing the same "tricks" as she has done for more than 35 years. She is a friendly, gentle orca, who wants to please everyone who comes to visit.

The tank she is living in is doubtful whether it meets the federal standards - as is the park, paint peeling off the benches, exposed electric cables, collapsing enclosures. When Lolita is fed by her trainers, or spyhops, her fluke touches the botom of her tank.

She is the second oldest orca being currently held in captivity. The oldest being Corky who is being held at SeaWorld California. Her male companion died in 1980, so all she has now to keep her company are dolphins (which are kept in the tiny, deteriorating tank with her) and her trainers.

Lolita is nearly 40 years old - in captivity terms her time has already run out. If she was free, she could have the chance to live up to 50, maybe even raise a calf of her own.
YOU can help her to escape from this hellish prison - by signing this petition, YOU will be helping Lolita make it back home - back to the cool, calm waters of her home land in Puget Sound, where she will be re-united with her family who still reside there.

Just think about a long lost friend returning home - the happiness you can give her, and in turn you will be satisfied with the knowledge that you have changed someone's life forever - the greatest deed one person can do for a whale crying out for help.

Thank you xx

We, the undersigned, petition to bring Lolita home.

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