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I would really like Killer Whales, Dolphins and all other show creatures to be released from Seaworld. They deserve a lot better. Many people are hypocritical and say that circuses are bad, they then go to sea world; its an underwater circus! Its is just wrong to treat animals this way! Performing tricks and all of that - watch this video and you will see specifically about killer whales but still the consequences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLRODFO8mFI&t=272s

I guarantee this will show you what is happening if you don't know! Please join this petition! I feel if this and other campaigns don't get signatures all underwater life will be gone... Did you know all the facts?! They kill other animals in the process of capturing these ones and these ones are even worse off! Please join and watch the clip for more facts and to understand. I believe many people will agree with me when I say: It is wrong!

Killer Whales, Dolphins, Sea creatures, get them out of their life- long torture; not that it is very long in these places. Sign up today and save these poor animals and feel proud to be a part of the revolution! I am age 11... We were taught this at school the other day and let me tell you my whole class and I were absolutely disgusted! Everyone was going crazy in the class room and even the teacher was allowing it because she strongly agrees! Please understand, best future wishes.

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