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86% of killer whales/orcas in captivity are captured in the wild in Japan.

They capture the pods (family of orca) then they pick out what orcas will go to parks. Those chosen are taking away from there family and will never see there family again.

The ocras not chose to go to parks are kill and the meat is package and sold. Most killer whales live with there family theire whole life. Killer whales that are captured in the wild are taking and trained to do tricks for there food.

Most killer whales captured from the wild only last a few weeks to maybe 23 years. A killer whale in the wild lives for 70-80 years. Killer whales in captivity don't get to do a lot of things wild killer whales get to do.

Most killer whales are put in tanks made for dolphins. Where there can be 5-10 killer whales in one tank. Ever wonder why killer whales in captivity have bent dorso fins and wild orcas dont. Because the tanks there in are too small.

Like keiko who was ripped from his mom at 2 years old and transfered from park to park and he called for his family.

Help save orcas in captivity.

Free them and let them live in peace with their families.

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