#Civil Rights
Oklahoma Governor

Join our online petition. Help us fight this injustice. With the new evidence that has been uncovered in this case, we have no doubt Raye Dawn will get a new trial.

However, we believe she should have never gone to trial in the first place and that she will never receive a fair trial in the State of Oklahoma.

Raye Dawn was taken to jail at the end of her trial in July, 2007 and has been in prison since her formal sentencing in September, 2007. Raye Dawn has already been in prison too long.

A 27 year sentence is a ridiculous amount of time for "should have known" and unfortunately, it won't bring Kelsey back. Every mother deserves a chance to grieve. Every American deserves a fair and impartial jury! Raye Dawn has had neither.

Please do your part and add your name to the petition.

By signing the petition, I am adding my name to the list of those outraged that Raye Dawn Smith had an unfair trial. I believe Raye Dawn should either receive another, fair, trial or be exonerated of all charges and set free.

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