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UPDATE Hrana 19th August, 2013

HRANA News Agency – There is no information about Ahmad Asgari and his condition with more than two months of being under arrest and the authorities do not provide any useful information to his family.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ahmad Asgari the journalist, student activist and student of international relations in political science faculty of Tehran university was arrested on June 20, 2013 in Fadak park in Tehran by security forces and for more than two months of being under arrest still there is no news about his condition and his family is concern about his health.

One of Ahmad’s relatives told HRANA “Ahmad is in the confinement cell in ward 209 of Evin prison but we have no idea how he is doing. Whenever Ahmad’s family asked to visit him or to have a phone call with him the authorities mocked them up. We concern that Ahmad’s medicines have not been delivered to him and being in critical health condition.”

It is worth mentioning Ahmad Asgari worked with Karoun and Mardom Salari newspapers and was arrested once more in 2009.

Source : Hrana

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UPDATE CHRR 25 July 2013

One month with no news of jailed journalist Ahmad Asgari

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Ahmad Asgari, journalist, poet, and student activist remains incommunicado with no precise information about his whereabouts one month after his arrest.

According to CHRR, Ahmad Asgari was detained by Security agents at Tehran’s Fadak Park on June 20 and transferred to an undisclosed location. During the past month he has been banned from his legal right to visitations and there is no information about his physical condition.

Despite the fact that the journalist is inflicted with neurological ailments and is epileptic, his needed medication has not been provided to him. During the past weeks Asgari has been put under intense harassment by interrogators in their attempt to build a case against the journalist. He has been pressured to accept charges of having relations with foreign organizations, and possibly Moharebeh (enmity with God).

Ahmad Asgari’s articles have been published in Karoon, Mardom Salari and Etemad newspapers, along with several websites focused on political and economic issues. Asgari is a university student at Azad University on his last year studying international relations. He was first arrested in January 2010, and released on bail after being held for 3 months. He was arrested again on June 14, 2013 as he was taking pictures of the voting areas – he was released a few hours later after his camera and mobile phone were confiscated. He was actively pursuing information about political prisoner Mohsen Rahmani during the time of his third arrest on June 20. Asgari remains incommunicado and his condition is unknown since the time of his last arrest.

Source ;CHRR

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Journalist Ahmad Asgari was arrested

Hrana 24th June, 2013

HRANA News Agency – Journalist and student activist Ahmad Asgari has been arrested.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Asgari is a student activist studying international relations at the School of Political Science in Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch. On Thursday night, June 20, 2013, police arrested Asgari in Tehran’s Fadak Park.

After being detained, security agents took him to his house where they seized a number of his personal belongings following a thorough search of the premises.

“They took him and his stuff to Evin Prison,” one of his family members said.

Asgari was a reporter at Karoon Daily Newspaper and Mardom Salari. He was previously arrested in 2009.

Source Hrana
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Immediate & Unconditional Release of Ahmad Asgari.

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