Government and Drug Companies
United States of America

This is in memory of Heather Philipsen who was a Type 1 Diabetic and passed away at 33 years old.

Heather could receive free insulin after weeks of red tape. Diabetics can not afford weeks of red tape to get medications they need to live.

After seeing a primary doctor to fill out your paperwork, send it to the drug company, wait for a drug companies approval and mail the medication to the doctor, the doctors office has to call you to tell you your medication is here, 6 weeks or more have gone by. This country needs to figure out how to speed up this process. Besides needing insulin you need testing strips, lancets, a meter to test your blood sugars and syringes. I have yet to find a company who will supply this for free, testing strips alone cost $100.00 + dollars a month. This country will provide free syringes to drug addicts to prevent the spread of disease but will not provide syringes to a diabetic who needs to take insulin to live. We need to change how our great country handles people who need medications to live. Heather always said “I do not take this medication because I have a choice, I take this medication because I want to live.”

We want this petition to be able to help diabetics who need their daily supplies and to come up with a better process to be sure they are taken care of. If you are a single women with no children, our system will fail you and your needs for medications.

Please help us by signing this petition and hopefully we can begin to make some needed changes.

We the people of the United States of America have to have FREE Health care and Drugs for those in need.

EVERYONE who asks for it should not have to go through all the red tape of qualifying.

If they ask for it they should receive it.

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