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Ahmed Shaheed, OHCHR, Navi Pillay, Ban ki-Moon, EU, European Parliament, State Department, HRW

Hassan Tafah, 86-year-old prisoner in Rajaee Shahr prison, despite suffering from leukemia and having a punishment intolerance order, still remains in prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), HRANA September 6, 2015--Hassan Tafah, 86-year-old lawyer and prisoner of conscience in Rajaei-Shahr prison in spite of his critical illness and despite the passage of one year from the acceptance of punishment intolerance order, still is held in prison and is prevented from being released from prison, being sent on medical leave or even being transferred to the hospital.

An informed source about his situation told HRANA: “Although the “punishment intolerance order” for this prisoner has been upheld, and after a year of its issuance and also forensic medic’s previous request based on the necessity of releasing him because of his disease of leukemia and his age, he is still being kept in the prison.”

Hassan Tafah was arrested in 2008 by the security forces and was tried by Tehran Revolutionary Court Branch 15, presided by Judge Salvati, on charges of espionage and propaganda against the regime, and was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.

Tafah has consistently rejected the charges and denied involvement in politics.

According to Iranian labor activist and former prisoner of conscience Mansour Osanloo, who knew Mr. Tafah in prison and testified to his poor treatment, "He (Hassan Tafah) had a law office in Dubai and was considered a prominent lawyer. The [Iranian] Intelligence Ministry had asked him several times to use his office and connections in Dubai to purchase weapons and other material in violation of sanctions. He did not cooperate and for this reason they arrested him. We have lots of examples like this in prisons in Iran.”

WHEREAS: Iranian lawyer Hassan Tafah has been imprisoned on false "security" charges in retaliation for refusing to collaborate with the regime's intelligence ministry and is therefore a prisoner of conscience, making his prison sentence ILLEGAL under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights--to which Iran is a signatory--as well as Article 24 of the Iranian Constitution;

AND WHEREAS: Hassan Tafah suffers from leukemia and is in his mid-80s, making the medical neglect he is suffering from his jailers EXTREMELY LIFE-THREATENING;

AND WHEREAS: The denial of medical furlough or hospitalizaiton for Hassan Tafah is a flagrant violation of the Islamic Republic of Iran's own prison regulations;

THEREFORE: We, the undersigned, demand that ALL levels of the international community act URGENTLY to secure his unconditional release from prison and immediate access to all needed medical care

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