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Interpol announced it has issued a ‘red notice’ to its member nations for Sea Shepherd president and founder, Captain Paul Watson. This action occurred after Costa Rica renewed its request in the form of revised paperwork to Interpol seeking Captain Watson’s detention or arrest with the intent of extradition to Costa Rica.

Captain Watson was arrested in Frankfurt on May 13th last year on a 10-year-old warrant from Costa Rica while en route to Cannes, France. He forfeited his bail and departed Germany on approximately July 22nd after being held there under house arrest for 70 days, and is now in an unknown location. Captain Watson was being detained in Germany for extradition to Costa Rica for a previously alleged “violation of ship traffic,” which reportedly occurred during the 2002 filming of the award-winning documentary, “Sharkwater.”

These charges are made up on trumped up evidence against the Sea Shepherd for trying to stop illegal killing of wales sharks and dolphins.

Please stop the illegal arrest of captain Paul Watson by Costa Rica and Japan.

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