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Right now on our television screens we are seeing a people trying to break out of the dictatorship they live under.

What should be a story of economic development as in the rest of Asia, we instead see a country of incredible poverty. The WHO (World Health Organisation) have said that per head of population only $10 is spent on health. One NGO has said it may be nearer $0.50. It is a country which in 1990 elected the NLD, lead by Aung Sun Suu Kyi who has been imprisoned for 11 years, into power. But was ignored by the generals. 1988,the last time such protests took place over 3000 people died, murdered by the army.

We must do something. Sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, request the UK Government to take greater action at the UN and with countries like China and India to end the Burmese Junta's illegal hold on power.

We petition to end all Human rights abuses in Burma (Myanmar) and for the reinstatement of democratic government as soon as possible.

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