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King of Bahrain

Women in Bahrain have been Arrested for many reasons, Peaceful Protesting, listening to music & are been tortured & Beaten in Jail. Please Help to Free The Brave Bahraini Women & Sign Our Petition.

Help Free:Arrested at City Centre Mall on 23/9/11 Aqeela Al Magabi, Layla Abdulla Khadim, her Daughter Fatima 16yrs, Monera Dehaim, Zainab Dehaim, Huda Dehaim, Ebtisam Dheaim, Zainab Salman, Nada Alqayem, Fatima A Aljahil, Fatima A Ajalil Aljishi, Khadeja A Nasser Hebail.

Fadheela Al Mubarak Arrested 15/3/11 from a check point for listening to music of her choice!!

The picture at the top of this page is one of Women Thrown to the ground like Animals, handcuffed, beaten, tortured & then Jailed, the women are all named above & Remain in Jail Today.

Please Sign this petition & help spread the word on the injustice system towards the women in Bahrain.

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