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Behfar Khanjani denied adequate health care in prison

Sen´s Daily March 29, 2012

Behfar Khanjani ( بهفر خانجانی ), a Bahai from Semnan who is serving a four-year prison sentence there, has been struggling with a medical condition for some years, but the Prosecutor and state-appointed doctor have refused permission for him to receive treatment. His condition has been exacerbated by the stress of the past 2 years in prison, and the lack of a suitable environment there. He has been allowed only a few days of leave from prison, too short for an observable improvement in his condition.

Behfar Khanjani is serving a 4 year sentence for membership of illegal Bahai groups and attending Bahai prayer meetings and the 19th-day ‘Feast.’ He was arrested on January 6 2010, after a search of his home by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence. He has also been the target of two arson attacks on his home using Molotov cocktails. He was among the Bahais who were pressured by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence for more than four hours on December 4, 2012, to give “interviews” for television. While he has been in prison, his sister and wife have also been interrogated.

Immediate & Unconditional Release of Behfar Khanjani.

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