#Human Rights
President of Namibia, Prosecutor General, Judge Elton Hoff, UN - Namibia

In August 1999, the Caprivi Liberation Army attacked military bases and police centers in Caprivi Strip. In response, the Namibian government killed, tortured and arrested hundreds of Caprivians. Some were discharged after two to three weeks without trial.

Others remain on trial for about 14 years now while in maximum security prison. More than 23 of these prisoners have died while in prison. At least 44 have been acquitted, 10 sentenced, and 66 currently remain on trial, testifying in their own defence.

Caprivi Concerned Group has since April 2012 appealled to the Namibian government to:

a) unconditionally release all Caprivi political prisoners
b) allow political dialogue
c) allow a referendum on the Caprivi political dispute

But it was all in vain. we were denied the right to peacefully protest (demonstrate) at least twice: http://www.nshr.org.na/index.php?module=News&func=display&sid=1796, http://www.newera.com.na/articles/49688/Concerned-group-wants--political-solution---claim-civil-liberties-suppressed and http://www.capriviconcernedgroup.com/caprivi-group-still-cant-demonstrate/

We, the undersigned, call on the President of Namibia and High court Jugde Elton Hoff to discontinue the high treason trial and release all Caprivi high treason prisoners.

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