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UPDATE Sen´s Daily June 3 , 2013

Adnan Rahmat-Penah ( عدنان رحمت‌پناه ) has been held in limbo in `Adel-Abad prison in Shiraz for almost 6 months now. On May 23 it was announced that the Branch 3 of the revolutionary court would determine his status, but when his family went there, as in the three previous cases, the court official said that because of a heavy workload he had not yet read the file. Finally, they were told, “I am not the official responsible for this file, it belongs in Branch 1 of the revolutionary court.” This was a delaying tactic to gain time to deal with the file.

Source : Sen´s Daily

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`Adnan Rahmat-Penah’s no-show trial

Sen´s Daily 18 April , 2013

The first trial date for `Adnan Rahmat-Penah ( عدنان رحمت‌پناه ), a Bahai from Shiraz, was set for April 16, but no trial was held because he was not transferred to the court from the prison. His family’s enquires to the officers who bring prisoners to the court resulted in various answers, such as ‘his name was not on the list.’ Another officer said that three other names were missing from the list, but those prisoners were taken for trial.

After some discussion between the family, their lawyer and the judge it was decided that another trial date would be set next day, on April 17. But when the family arrived at court, they were sent to the office of the prison. They asked why `Adnan had not been sent to the court, and were told “We got the message from the court, but we didn’t want to send him.” The strange this about this is, why would the prison officials contravene the order of the court and judge? Are they ridiculing the court, or was it a deliberate ruse to put `Adnan under psychological pressure?

`Adnan’s brother Iman ( ایمان رحمت پناه ) was one of a groups of Bahais who were arrested in Shiraz early in March 2012.

Immediate & Unconditional Release of `Adnan Rahmat-Penah.

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