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For years people from the Fraser Coast have had to travel to either Brisbane or Townsville to go and have fun Ice Skating... at least 4 hours each way!

For the real competive skaters, on top of training, they need to pay for accomodation, transport and petrol... (we all know how much that can these days).

But for us skaters that just purely enjoy skating, going over 4 hours to an ice rink is quite pointless unless we have another reason to be in that town. Please sign this petition... if not for the fact that ice skating is fun... just sign it for the fact that an ice rink is cool for those hot summer days!

We need to bring an Ice Rink to the Fraser Coast! We would love as many signatures as possible so that we can show Qld Ice Skating Association that we really need an Ice Rink that is more central in Qld and has better access for us keen or eager skaters in the Fraser Coast.

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