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20th Century Fox

"Dead Reckoning" is the future fourth film in George A. Romero's highly popular series of cult zombie horror films that began with "Night of the Living Dead" in 1968. The movies have been dubbed some of the best horror movies ever made and have one of the largest cult fan bases of any film. Romero has been trying to make a fourth film since 1985 (when "Day of the Dead" was released) but has so far been unsuccessful due to his refusal to let the big studios alter his creative vision.

A few months ago, however, exciting news reached the internet fan community as it was announced that 20th Century Fox had decided to produce the movie, the way Romero wants it made, on a budget of $10 million. This was what the fans had been waiting for!

However, it seems Fox have changed their stance and have decided to force
George Romero to alter his script. He refused, thus forcing the production
into deadlock and the long-awaited movie may now never get made.

By signing this petition we might just change movie history. Help us
convince 20th Century Fox to produce "Dead Reckoning" the way Romero wants it to be produced.
The fans around the world are counting on you Fox, don't let us down!

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