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Citilink Public Transportation of Fort Wayne
United States of America

The city of Fort Wayne, IN has recently expanded its businesses into the east side of town, only the Citilink bus route does not include this expansion due to cost issues.

It is important that the people of Fort Wayne and New Haven who use public transportation are given the same opportunities as those who have other transportation. This jeopardizes possible employment for many, and also potentially decreases the amount of business in these areas.

It is important to think of those in this city and surrounding areas who use public transportation and also the positive impact that expanding the bus route could have on those that don't use public transportation.

We, the undersigned, urge the board members of Citilink of Fort Wayne, IN to expand the bus route into the east side of town and into New Haven.

We feel that this will increase business for those particularly near Maysville Road, Stellhorn Road and into Georgetown shopping center and will provide equal employment opportunities for those who use public transportation.

We feel that it will also encourage the use of public transportation which will benefit the city and decrease the amount of traffic and pollution.

We hope that you will understand the strain that it puts on those without other transportation, and that you will support us in our efforts.

Thank you!

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