Fort St. John

Fort St John Permaculture & Aquaponics Eco Farm

Urgently needed! Your sincere interest and support!

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We the undersigned being residents of Fort St. John, surrounding areas and Canadian citizens enthusiastically & whole heartedly support the need and want for a Permaculture & Aquaponics Eco Farm in Fort St. John. The purpose of which is to:

1 Supply affordable, fresh, healthy, tasty, nutritious, locally, produced food year around to the residents of F.S.J. and surrounding areas. Fish, vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices & medicinal plants.

2 Build an ecologically designed, energy efficient, straw bale multiuse facility. Agriculture Research Institute, Extension Services, Demonstration and Educational Center. The facility will house relevant offices, boardroom, library, commercial kitchen, restaurant & coffee shop, walk in cooler and Hall Rental.

3 The Eco Farm will become a permanent year around home for the Farmers Market, Horticulture Group, Community Gardens, Environmental, Ecology, 4H and other relevant or interested groups and organizations. A vermiculture farm will recycle, save 70% of the organic waste from the landfill. As well as produce organic soil amendments, to build healthy soil and organic fertilizers and pesticides for plants (flowers, vegetables & fruit).

4 Fort St. John will become a true resilient energetic city, having increased its resource efficiency, reducing its ecological footprint and empowering its citizens throughout all suburban communities by helping achieve local food security, aiding community health and well being, while helping save trees, energy and the environment.

5 The proposed project will engage the entire community in hands on learning about sustainability issues via Permaculture education. The Eco Farm will contain various food gardens with informative signage, as well as displays of sustainable products, services and community art projects.

6 The Eco Farm will be a venue for providing hands on education in food growing and production via sustainable concepts, for all educational institutions and the wider community. Teachers, students, researchers, tourists and other interested people will have an opportunity to engage in gardens design, creation, maintenance, and food harvesting with their work guided by professionals and volunteers.

7 The Eco building and surrounding property will become home to community events such as conferences, workshops, forums, lectures, symposiums and Annual Permaculture Earth Day Fair.

For more information email: mrecosustainable@gmail.com or Phone Paul Modde: 250-793-1226

We, the undersigned, call on the Mayor and Council of the City of Fort St John, to take immediate action to help supply resources, land, building, and finances to build a Permaculture & Aquaponics Eco Farm and multi use facility, Research, Demonstration and Educational Center.

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