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Formula 1 has introduced a new points system that will result in the driver with most wins crowned world champion.

The current points system will still operate to decide a tie if two drivers have the same wins and to define all other championship positions.

The new rules were approved by the World Motor Sport Council of governing body the FIA at a meeting in Paris on Tuesday.

“The WMSC accepted the proposal from Formula One Management to award the drivers’ championship to the driver who has won the most races during the season,” an FIA statement read.

“If two or more drivers finish the season with the same number of wins, the title will be awarded to the driver with the most points, the allocation of points being based on the current 10, 8, 6 etc. system.

“The rest of the standings, from second to last place, will be decided by the current points system".

The F1 section on BBC 606 was almost unanimously against this change. Fan surveys are against this change.

And most importantly, you, the hardcore F1 viewer, have the chance to register your disapproval of this rule change!

Please help us attract the attention of the FIA and get this rule overturned before the start of the 2009 F1 season.

We, the undersigned, call on the FIA to abandon the "Most Wins" system proposed to decide the 2009 F1 season, in favour of a traditional points system.

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