South Africa

For far too long we have allowed foreign religious imposters to come into our country and do as they please. They have taken advantage of our goodwill and hospitality for far too long; they have raped our sisters and mothers, robbed our parents of their hard earned money, stripped our role models of their pride with Doom, making them eat grass and drinking petrol. Enough is enough! It is time we take a stand.

My sister, Cheryl Zondi, I'm sorry because I too am to blame for your pain and suffering. By doing nothing we are complicit in the destruction of our country. This is made worse by the fact that these are individuals who are guests in our beautiful country. They have left their countries only to come and rip ours apart. I will not stand for it. Will you?

We, the undersigned call on the South African Parliament to pass a bill to ban foreign religious imposter from opening houses of worship in our country.

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