The Canadian Government

Western society has been catering to people who come to live here for a better life for far to long. We have allowed multi-million dollar places of worship take over almost every neighbourhood.

We have allowed prayers in public schools, we have allowed foods not to be in places due to religious reasons, we have even allowed peoples' faces not to be shown in court to face the person being accused.

We have seen killings of young girls, even a whole family, in the so called name of honour. We have seen Islam Inspired Terrorist Attacks, kill two Soldiers on Canadian soil. For far to long, WE Canadians have been complacent in allowing Canada, as we know it, to be changed for the name of political correctness, all because our Government wants to keep votes in their pocket.

Ask yourself; 'Is this the Canada I remember growing up in?" A Canada where everyone is equal, a Canada where woman are equal to men, a Canada where you can be yourself and not worry about being killed? A Canada where honour is earned, not given because you kill to protect your family name.

People come here for a better life, they come to feel safe. But when their way of life starts to change our Canadian law and the way we go about life, it is time to put it to an end and stand up for a hate free and equal Canada.

We, the undersigned, call on the Canadian Government to close any religious institution that preaches hate or terrorism or which attack our Canadian way of life.

We must stop the hatred and stop the threat to our society.

We allow religious freedom, but when Religious Freedoms become hate speech and a threat to national security, it must stop.

There has to be a common ground, and that common ground is, denouncing any form of hate and or terrorism.

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