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It is time for Trenton to realize a drug/alcohol detoxification facility is a MUST.

Over 2,600 admissions for substance abuse were recorded in 2011 alone.

Why is a detox center so vital to our community?

In order to go to a rehabilitation facility to treat addiction, an addict must go through a detoxification program first. This detox program is a medical necessity – the risk of death from withdrawal is significant and warrants the appropriate professional supervision.

If you live in Trenton, the closest detox facility is a thirty minute drive to Princeton by car, while many Trenton residents do not have access to a vehicle. This is a critical unmet need for our community.

For Mercer County in 2011:
*329 total alcohol licenses in Mercer County.
*136 (or 41%) of these licenses exist in the city of Trenton
*2,930 alcohol-related calls to Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
*2,130 (or 73%) of these calls were from the city of Trenton

“Emergency Departments within the city have experienced the greatest impact from substance abuse users. Healthcare providers have had to find creative solutions to overcrowding, inappropriate utilization and dangerous behaviors often exhibited by the users.”

For Mercer County in 2011:
*2,698 total admissions for substance abuse
*55% (1,474) came from Trenton
*297 people for cocaine addiction
*837 people for heroin and other opiates
*891 people treated for alcohol addiction

In the past, there have been attempts to build a detoxification facility in Trenton and Lawrence – however, the public has always found an excuse by stereotyping this disease. The time for change is now – by signing this petition you are taking action to save people’s lives – maybe even someone you know.

(Source of data: Trenton Health Team Needs Assessment - July 2013)

Contact Information:
Ryan Pilarski, a student of TCNJ - pilarsk2@tcnj.edu

We, the undersigned, call on the Mercer County Office on Addiction Services to take steps to further the progress of Trenton's own detoxification facility.

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