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The City Council of Sugar Land, Texas.
United States of America

In 2003, an estimated thirteen million skateboarders where inhabiting the US alone. Of those 13 million participants of the ever-evolving sport, 10 million of them identified themselves as street skateboarders, according to a 2006 Board Trac survey. That’s a whopping 78% of skateboarding's overall make up. The problem is, street skateboarders are filling up the streets with no legal places to practice the sport in which they love.

Often times, many cities and townships have the desire to create a public skatepark for its community to frequent, but essentially lack funds needed to execute any such large endeavors. Public Skateparks and Skate Plazas are huge undertakings, which require enormous financing, as well as an abundance of land in order to produce the various obstacles to ride upon. While money may be absent, many cities have a wealth of land or free, existing neighborhood space that can easily be designated for the construction of individual street skating obstacles. These individual skate obstacles would be only a portion of the giant pie that essentially makes up a full-scale skatepark.

These individual skate obstacles placed in free spaces can consist of a single ledge, a bench, a rail or embankment, etc. The Safe Spot Skate Spot Program will take any donated land, regardless of how small or how big and work with the city to turn it into a fully legal, street skateable area for kids to come together and ride harmoniously. The needs of street skateboarders will be met, skateboarder interference with traffic will be eliminated and local residents and businesses will remain undisturbed. And not only will these street areas appease the large population of street skaters who are unhappy with the majority of traditional skateparks, they will also be built seamlessly into any environment in a tasteful, artistic manner–incorporating things like grass, trees, fountains and sculptures, blending into an already established public space. These skate spots will be a far cry from the unattractive eyesores that large, modern skateparks often exhibit.

Sugar Land has a very small skate park located in a former basketball pavilion. Although this park serves a good purpose and helps keep kids out of trouble, it only consists of a mere nine obstacles which are becoming less and less safe to skate, and is almost always extremely over-crowded. Furthermore, the location is fairly hard to find, and holds no financial asset to the city of Sugar Land. Each skate spot that is constructed is unique, and contributes to skateboarding culture accordingly, allowing kids a safe, fully legal place to ride their skateboards.

New tricks are performed on their architecture, which set new standards within skate culture. These skate spots are inevitably featured in all major skate media facets, from monthly print and video magazines to major promotional video productions by large skateboard manufacturers. As a result, each skate spot becomes travel destinations for skaters the world over—from professional skateboarders and skate media and average skaters who simply want a real street environment in which to skate, free from prosecution. This want to ride the street spot in your city will help add to your cities notoriety, improving commerce amongst all local giant and independent businesses.

For the construction of a "Skate Plaza", somewhere in the Sugar Land area. This proposal is in conjunction with Rob Dyrdek and DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation and the "Safe Spot Skate Spot Program.

Most ideally, the skate plaza would be located within the Town Square.

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