#Students' Rights
the Hamilton Wentworth school board

Have you ever purchased an adorable pair of short shorts or spaghetti strap tops and wear them to school and get forced to change?? I have and i find that very annoying. We should be aloud to wear what we want to school and it is the student's personal business if they don't want guys looking there.

If the students are uncomfortable wearing revealing clothing then they don't have too. And anyway, people will just keep on wearing these clothes weather you want them to or not. They may change when asked to avoid suspension but that doesn't mean they aren't gonna go ahead and wear these clothes again the next day.

The teachers cant do anything about it so why bother? It gets too hot out to be wearing other clothes.

We, the female students, call on the Hamilton Wentworth school board to allow students to wear clothing such as short-shorts and spaghetti straps!

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The For Short Shorts and Spaghetti Straps to be Allowed in School In Hamilton/Dundas Ontario Canada petition to the Hamilton Wentworth school board was written by Julia Goede and is in the category Students' Rights at GoPetition.

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