Bell Media and HBO Canada

Bell Media is currently restricting Canadians who want to subscribe to a HBO Now or HBO Go like Internet service. It is currently legally impossible to subscribe to just HBO in Canada without paying for basic cable fees and packaged channel bundles at a much higher cost. Even with new CRTC regulations to force cheaper pick and pay options in Canada, Bell continues to monopolize HBO and navigate around these regulations forcing Canadians to pay more than $50 per month to see a live episode of Game of Thrones. Bells tactic to increase revenue in this fashion is archaic and it is now time to embrace the future of streaming TV. Bell's new Alt TV streaming service looks promising on the surface but it is just a new interface with the same bundled packages and fees structure. Bell Media it's time to listen to your Canadian customers.

To Bell Media and HBO Canada: We (Canadians) simply want the ability to subscribe to a HBO online service without all the other channels and fees. I am willing to give you my money for a reasonably priced monthly subscription fee for a similar product that is offered to US HBO subscribers like HBO Now.

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