- We are a fantastic bunch of fans ready to show our love and support on the next level, that is at a convention. Also we'd love to meet fellow fans!

- Together we do a lot to promote the show; including making fanvids, creating online groups, writing fanfiction, talking about it irl, blogging etc.

- We haven't been to any SPN-convention as they've been located too far away.

- We would simply love to meet Jensen, Jared, Misha, Jim, Chad and other cast members (!)

- We are very persistent but in the end it's really about our shared love for the show itself.

There are no conventions in Scandinavia based on a tv-show and/or movie - but now is the time for that to change!

Supernatural is praised and loved all over the world and for years us fans in Scandinavia have missed out on all the great cons based in the US, Australia and other parts of Europe.

Our wish is simple - we want to meet the cast of the show.

Help us reach out to the rest of the world - announcing the presence of all us Scandinavian Supernatural fans! Be a part of bringing those Winchester boys & c:o over here.

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