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In patch 8.2.5 of the expansion "Battle for Azeroth" for the world renowned MMORPG "World of Warcraft" the characters of the "Alliance" faction were given means to obtain a bee mount named "honeyback harvester" an incredible and amazing looking mount. Unfortunately no correspondent mount was made available for the opposite faction "Horde". It is by this online petition that I humbly request in the name of the Horde players that we are given the opportunity to obtain a horde exclusive "flying cockroach mount". Alliance's bee mount tied in to the lore of the faction and is fair that the mount is exclusive to them, what is not fair is that the Horde does not get an equivalent mount. The mount could be named "sewer scavenger" and would be tied to a quest with the old undercity npc "Jeremiah Payson" who used to sell cockroaches when undercity was still available for players. These details are just a suggestion of course, my only wish is for the Horde players to also have an awesome exclusive flying bug mount.
For the Horde!

Kromm of the Undercity

We, world of Warcraft players, call on "Activion Blizzard" for the creation of a "Horde" exclusive "flying cockroach mount".

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