Association of Flight Attendants at United Airlines

A petition by members in good standing of the Association of Flight Attendants at United Airlines, who want their union to hold a vote to decide collectively whether to accept the CALAFA contract dated July 13, 2012-December 31, 2014 AS IS, IN ITS ENTIRETY with the seniority list merged by date-of-hire as is stipulated in the AFA merger policy and stated by the letter dated April 11, 2011 by General Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. (IAM) and on page 4 of the Continental Flight Attendant Merger Survival Handbook.

For clarification purposes: there will be an adjustment for Continental Flight Attendants to reflect time spent in initial flight attendant training. In the case of two flight attendants having the same seniority, the older flight attendant will be senior.

Why do we need to accept this contract?

-Get United Airlines back on top as leader in the industry where we belong;

-Stop wasting money and valuable resources (both management and union's);

-Vastly improve employee morale and unify all departments;

-Put the focus back on our passengers and great customer service;

-End our frustration and get us back focusing on the job we love without these distractions;

Recognizing that many of the United flight attendants may not like some of Continental's current contract, if we don't become a united workforce now, then furloughs and other negative actions will continue. It will be better to lose a little now than a lot in the future. Our industry has a long history of turmoil in this area and frequently the employees are the ones that take the brunt of these consolidation actions.

This action will enable us to have more control over our future and put us ALL in a better bargaining position to renegotiate in December.

We, the undersigned, want our union, the Association of Flight Attendants at United Airlines, to bring forward an agenda item which will allow us to vote on accepting the current CALAFA contract in its entirety with merged seniority by date-of-hire.

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