June 13, 2006

A petition requesting the appropriate honours be bestowed upon a valued member, rcon, and helluva guy.

To The Honourable FK, BC, Freeman and Their Minions;

We the undersigned do hereby declare our desire to see the recognition bestowed upon {FKR}Silver Soldier as the first recipient of the CHCNA/UK Lifetime Achievement Award.

From the first day he joined, he's proven his almost fanatical devotion to his craft.

From the dusty streets of St-Gatien, he stands far from danger sipping Fresca, delivering death to all those who wander through his sites.

Static among the graves of Moelingen's noble Cathedral, you'll hear his girlish cackle as he delivers justice from a distance to poor unsuspecting fools.

Lest we forget his noble immobility from the rocky cliffs and bushy roadside of U-Boat, where again he deftly delivers demise with the minimal amount of movement.

{FKR}Silver Soldier is a Champion. A Master. A Pioneer, way way out in his field. A soldier who who through sheer guts and tactical planning decided the outcome of the battle.

And so, we the undersigned do hereby request that this man recieve the honours he's long overdue!!!
{FKR}Silver Soldier, we Salute You.

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