#Roads & Transport
Lake Macquarie Council

2 incidents in the last 6 months is 2 too many.
Its no secret to the locals of Swansea that the bridge, even for the safest of drivers, is notoriously known for the slippy patch.

I myself have never driven on this bridge and thank god i hadn't before hearing how infamous it is for being dangerous in one particular area.

You cant help but imagine;
Driving along carefully, even below the speed limit, not being aware of the need for exaggerated caution. Maybe small children in the back and ending up in that lake just like a lucky survivor did.

Removing any politics, even without blaming anyone lets take extra care anyway and try get this slippy patch attended to? Saving just one life is worth it amiright?! Not just a life but preventing the devastation and mental impact that incidents like these bring to our fellow humans.

Lets give it a shot, my heart drops to think of the possible outcomes this slippy patch could consequence in.

We the undersigned request that the council make appropriate changes/repairs to the slippy areas on the northbound bridge in swansea to prevent any further incidents that could result in injury or possibly death.

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