#City & Town Planning
Town of Claremont

We the people petition to Fix rates for the next four years.

The Claremont Oval development will a once in a generation revenue rise for the Town. This revenue must be use for the people - not the employees of the Town.

We oppose ANY further increases in Council Staff and require the CEO to scale staff back to 55 by the end of 2020. - Still more than the Towns of Cottesloe or Mosman Park.

This can start now - by freezing new hires to wean staff numbers from 71 to 63 - where it was 12 months ago,

We the undersigned call on the Town of Claremont to ensure rates do not increase in the next 4 years. We demand that the benefits of the urban infill at Claremont Oval and other precincts be returned to rate payers in the form of a Rates Freeze.

On behalf of the people we do NOT authorise you to increase Town of Claremont Staff numbers beyond 71 AND demand they be reduced to 55 by the end of 2020.

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