#Roads & Transport
Darwin City Council and the NT Government

Alawa. Crescent needs traffic calming measures installed ASAP. It has done for some time now. Some streets accessing it need stop signs too. It is a busy road running through a residential area with several schools and shops with plenty of pedestrians around. It is a busy area near some heavily used roads leading to major shopping centres, university and hospitals. Drivers use it as a shortcut to beat traffic lights.
There are plenty of near misses and there has been accidents too.
The NT Government has proposed changes to Iris and Styles street which will increase the amount of traffic using Alawa Crescent.
I have campaigned for 2 years now to get something in place to ease the speed of traffic in this street to what it should be: 50km p/h
There is plenty of traffic, most people drive faster than 50 and some hoon down the street, especially on the straight stretches, again especially the ends within a few hundred meters of Trower Road.
Scriven street needs stop signs at the very least, Stasinowsky needs something and the straight stretches really need something!!! Outside the shops is a hazard too.

We, the undersigned, call on Darwin City Council and the NT Government to implement traffic calming measures on Alawa Crescent.

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