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Residents of the Villas of Five Ponds
United States of America

In 2007, the VFP Board of Directors implemented a rule that requires residents to pay rental fees associated with the private use of the Clubhouse Ballroom. However, the VFP bylaws and Declarations clearly state that there are to be no fees associated with the use of "Common Elements". After all, the residents as members in good standing of the Association, own the facility that they are now being asked to rent; in addition, the residents pay a monthly fee that provides for the upkeep of the facility. Therefore, isn't a rental fee redundant?

In addition, the Bylaws of the Association clearly hold residents responsible for any damage that they or their guests cause. So while wear/tear is inevitable with normal use, damage inflicted as a result of an event held in the Ballroom could be charged back to the individual resident who reserved/used the Ballroom for his/her family's special event.

As a result of these rental fees that many believe are exorbitant, arbitrary and in conflict with your bylaws and Declaration, the Clubhouse is frequently empty and unused. We've made our ballroom a "trophy" rather than a facility that welcomes our residents.

We, the undersigned residents in good standing of the Villas at Five Ponds in Warminster, PA, hereby petition the Board of Directors of the Villas at Five Ponds Community Association, to REPEAL THE RULE regarding charging Association Members for the use of Common Elements such as the Ballroom.

We believe that the use of the Ballroom shall be open for free reservation/use by Association Members in good standing on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as they personally attend/supervise the event they are hosting; are personally responsible for the set-up and clean-up of the activities they sponsor; and, insure against and be financially responsible for damage caused by themselves and/or their guests.

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