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We are asking for a ban on the selling of fireworks to the public and that they are only sold for public displays. The reason being is that fireworks are no longer kept to just bonfire night. It starts as soon as they go on sale which is usually late September early October.

This signals months of misery for animals and people. There are elderly people who are scared stiff when the loud bangs go off. I have also heard stories of elderly people who have served in the wars ( younger ones too ) and the sound of fireworks makes them think they are back in the war. This does untold damage to them. On a personal note, I have sat and watched my dog get into such a state due to fireworks going off all around, that he has had to be sedated.

As stated above, this goes on for months and animals can't keep being sedated. Youngsters also think it's fun to buy fireworks then attach them to animals, usually cats, then setting them off. There are lots of reasons to ban sales to the public.

We the undersigned ask that a ban is put on the sale of fireworks to the public and that fireworks are kept and sold for display purpose only.

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