Peter Angelos
United States of America

This petition was created to encourage the Orioles to bring an end to the hideous management of Mike Hargrove.

During his run as manager, Hargrove has shown reluctance to give younger players the opportunity to perform unless injuries made it necessary. He has shown a stubborn reliance on underperformng veterans. Players are recalled from the minors and waste on his bench. He has been unsupportive of younger players in the press. He has wasted at bats on veteran players who have no future with the club.

Although he has managed to win games rather than develop players, during Hargrove's tenure the team has compiled the following records:

2000 74-88 .457 4th place
2001 63-98 .391 4th place
2002 67-95 .414 4th place

The 2002 season including one of the worst stretches of baseball in the history of the sport where the Orioles, under Hargrove's guidance, finished the season with a 4-32 streak.

Mike Hargrove has shown he is clearly not the manager needed for a rebuilding team and must be removed for the Orioles to make progress towards anything other than mediocrity.

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