#Students' Rights
District Attorny of Milwaukee/ Milwaukee School System
United States of America

In December 2009, a Congress Elementary School teacher cut a braid from 7 year old Lamya Cammon in front of her class as a punishment for playing with them and threw it away. Lamya cried at her desk while the rest of the class laughed at her. The teacher continues to teach, has not been identified, and the District Attorney has decided NOT to press charges, but the teacher was fined $175 for Disorderly Conduct... WHAT?

Instead of just commenting on articles and blogging, you can do something to help maker sure this teacher never teaches again in her life and possibly goes to prison.

We, the undersigned, call on the District Attorney of Milwaukee, and the school systems of Wisconsin and Milwaukee to publicly identify the teacher who cut Lamya Cammon's hair, have her fired immediately from her teaching position, and press charges for her criminal actions against Lamya Cammon until a final judgment is passed.

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