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The Fire Creek neighborhood preserves the rural character of Gotha by preserving old growth oaks throughout the property with seven parks and green spaces. In addition, equestrain style fencing will be installed along Moore Road with existing trees preserved and a thick Old Florida tree and understory plant border added.

Fire Creek at Gotha is a Certified Green community. Seven different methods are employed to water landscaping with rain water rather than water from our aquifer. In addition, all 53 homes will be up to 30% more energy efficient than current federal guidelines.

Roundabouts have been proven to be traffic calming, keep traffic moving, as well as, reduce accidents and fatalities. The Federal Depatment of Transpertation has conducted an depth studies on roundabouts and found the following facts: 37% reduction in overall collisions, 75% reduction in injuries during collisions, 90% reduction in fatal collisions and 40% reduction in pedestrian collisions.

Just a few short years ago Gotha did not have traffic tie ups like it does now. Currently, nearly 5,000 cars pass through Gotha daily. This is going to escalate markedly over the next few years. Just within a one mile circumference of Gotha, nearly 1,000 new housing units are being built or in the process of being built. Add this to the expansion of the Health Central Hostipal complex just to the North of Hemple, which will add jobs and more traffic to the Gotha area and you begin to get a picture of what traffic is going to look like in the near future. The County does not have the money to purchase the right of way/or to build these roundabouts.

Thank you for taking the time to read and thank you for your support of Fire Creek at Gotha, a Certified Green community.

Please be advised that we are in full support of the Fire Creek at Gotha project currently being considered by Orange County.

We feel the density of 1.8 homes per acre is in line with and fits in with homes in the area where this project is located.

The tree save and park areas compliment the area and being a Certified Green community is certainly an added bonus. In addition, we are very happy with the proposed improvements (traffic circles) to the intersection of Hemple and Sixth Street to keep traffic flowing and especially to the intersection of Park Ridge, Moore Road and Sixth Streets (traffic circle) which is a very dangerous and hazardous intersection.

We are also encouraged that the controversial corner lot at Hemple and Sixth will be turned into a nice gateway Park into Gotha.

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